Holistic Equine Welfare

Holistic Equine Welfare – based on the expanded understanding of the equine species from the perspective of being inter dimensional (both physical and energetic) in nature and interconnected with all things in their environment.  The species (equine) is one unique element / expression / aspect of the whole (earth / ecosystem).   Fundamental in Holistic Equine Welfare, is the principle that all beings have the right to be sovereign.  (Whether or not humanity can understand their desires should not be that deciding factor.)  

Holistic Equine Welfare is about meeting the absolute needs of the horse.  This is only done when care and needs are met based on interconnection and inter-dimensionality.  It is about creating a practice for welfare from deep within ourselves.  We have a wealth of true and real information that is better than science and observation based horsemanship.  Holistic welfare is what happens when we listen to the wisest part of ourselves with humility and curiosity.  When we listen to the highest version of our “inner compass”, we create a new standard of welfare.  True welfare starts from within deep within ourselves.  

Holistic Equine Welfare must include by its very nature the true (and mostly, yet to be understood) nature of the equine species, the interconnectedness of their relationship with the Earth, land, plants, animals and insects, the weather and human relationship.  Its foundation is from a deep understanding of things far beyond the eyes ability to see and the ears ability to hear.  It includes heart wisdom, and deep and clear intuition,  perceiving the complexity and sophistication in the harmonious interconnection of all these things.

  • How can we truly meet the needs of a horse when we don’t yet truly understand the equine species?  
  • How can we create a healthy social, physical, and emotional environment when we don’t understand how those things are important to horses beyond observing (without receiving feedback) something that we don’t truly understand?  
  • How can true equine welfare not include the consideration of the earth the horse stands on, and grounds its energy into every moment of every day?  
  • Can true equine welfare include any past assumptions humanity has made about the horse, including those made through a limited perception and rigid belief system?  

Beginning to consider welfare from a holistic perspective, is the first real chance to make advances in our understanding and connection with horses, by understanding and accepting everything that effects their well being, and addressing their needs from there.

​Until next time…ox H