Equine Mind Body Connection. 

Support in identifying and reducing causes of stress in your horse
~ so that you can be clear on how to provide care…
~ your horse will be happy and healthy through clear communication…
~ deepening relationship and connection leads to a quantum shift in welfare.  ​

I help humans

  • develop the ability to understand the needs of their horses clearly and in a confident way.
  • develop the ability to respond appropriately and confidently in the care of their horse when they are confused about what the right thing is to do.
  • understand health conditions, behaviour and training issues in their horses, and to create a response that addresses the actual root cause.  Which means it will be healed once and for all.
  • develop clear and detailed, two way communication with their horses (and other animals)

The horse is always a mirror to the human….

​This work addresses, behaviour, training, and health issues. 

Site under construction as
​I adapt my work to the changing times…

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