Horses Supporting Heart Coherence

In this image, Merlin (the grey) is grazing with a horse that was new at the barn. The new horse was a very scattered horse and had issues with behaviour. He was the kind of horse who I do not trust to behave in a safe way. Not because he was poorly handled, or abused. But, because his energy was in such a state of non-coherence, he behaved in an erratic way.

The picture above was how they spent the first 10 or so days together. Their hips almost glued together. It was not Merlin. The other horse followed him everywhere he went, like a shadow. Eventually the space between them got wider and wider until they were acting independently. By that time the other horse was a different horse. Not only had his energy field shifted, but he was holding his own balanced zero point and his behaviour had drastically changed. He was like a different horse.

Merlin’s great skill and passion is as a healer. What he does is clearly described by the Institute of Heart Math with their work on Heart Rate Variability. Merlin has a huge heart, and he holds very powerful, Very Low Frequency (VLF). In my work, I describe it as a Zero Point. Our hearts all have a zero point. When the zero point in our heart and the zero point in our brain come into coherence, we have heart mind coherence. This state is very powerful for entering altered states of awareness, but it is most beneficial in that it has the power to shift us out of a stress state, or a state of non-coherence.

Coherance is just what it sounds like. When we are in a coherent state our cells, bodies, systems and energy fields are harmonious. That harmonious state supports a state of wellbeing. When we are in a non-coherent state those things are out of sync, and we are in a stress state. Non-coherent (stress) state is the biggest cause of illness, both physical and emotional in all species. Merlin, draws horses and humans to him that want this kind of support. The electro magnetic field created by his heart provides a new reference point for others to entrain to.

If you are interested in understanding heart rate variability and coherence in more detail you can visit the Hearth Math website.